Thursday, September 11, 2008

Updates, and Positive Thinking

Whew! I'm working hard to make this a once a week thing... Gosh, how hard could it be?

Well, for some updates - I've added some groups/listings etc. Just to give me a bit of a boost. My plan is to add a few more topics of discussion every time I post a blog. You know, book reviews, recipes, pagan news, a god/dess or the week (maybe), etc. I added Witches Weekly - which I'm kind of exited about I must say. So I may also add something of the like to my blog. I answer a question from them, and then maybe ask a question of my readers (to answer in the comments).

As you can see, lots to think about! However, whats been going on in my life? Well, I started my business class two weeks ago. Its a one day a week class - so you haven't really missed much of anything. The intention of the class is to help me learn how to run my very own small business. So far, we've learned nothing about opening a business. My teacher, however, has still seemed to keep my wandering attention due to his ability to be exceptionally intelligent and to be on the same wavelength as me! I'll let you in on what I mean. I think a few weeks ago I posted a blog on the movie The Secret (or at least touched on it). If you haven't seen the movie I highly recommend it. The movie is all about the ability to bring anything you want into your life based on your thoughts and emotions. What I mean by my teacher amazing me is that he is a very old man (no offense intended) and so he shows very old movies. The other day we watched a movie whose intention was to show us the basics of bringing the positive into our lives so we can successfully run a business. This movie was obviously made in the seventies or eighties (mind you, I was born at the end of the eighties - so that's a very long time ago for me) yet what it had to say was not very far off from the movie "The Secret". I almost wanted to raise my hand and ask why he doesn't just show "The Secret" instead as it is a new and better quality movie. However, it was not just the movie that he showed that amazed me. This teacher is all about thinking positively to better your life. His first question to us was "How many of you know you will get an A in this class?" A few of us raised our hands (myself included) and he said "and as long as you keep that positive thought, you will."
His point when asking that question was to see how many of us were thinking positively about the class. How many of us wanted to be there to learn. He then went into explaining this to the class and asked the question again. More than half the class raised their hands the second time around.

I do believe his thoughts on the law of attraction (even though he may not call it that) is what keeps me going to his class every week (despite the fact that it takes a lot of my gas and a good portion of my night.)

Well, now we shall get on to Witch Weekly:
"Where in your list of roles do you place your role of a pagan? By roles I mean, mother, brother, daughter, son, worker, democrat, American, lover, caretaker, etc. We all have a lot of different roles we play and usually they all fall into an order of importance. Is being a “pagan” at the top, or is it somewhere in the middle?"
The question itself is simple, but I tend to bring the complicated into the extremely simple quite often.. I am a pagan, daughter, sister, friend, worker, American, lover of all things celtic, lover of music, writer, reader, lover of turtles, closeted hippie, etc. Of all those I would rate them in the following order.
I am my mother and fathers Daughter
I am a sister to my brother and two sisters
I am a Pagan
I am a friend
I am a worker
I am a lover of all things celtic
I am an American
I am a reader
And a writer
I am a lover of turtles
and of music
I am a very closeted hippie

Well, thats a wrap for today. Hopefully I will post again very soon, until next time!
Slán go fóill (something I learned from one of my new favorite podcasts!)

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