Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whoo Hoo! Two blogs in the same week!

So, here I am laying in bed, an ice pack resting on my face and stitches in the back of my mouth. Yup. I got my wisdom teeth pulled. So, I suppose that may be why I'm so quick to post again.

Here is the latest question of Witches Weekly:
What do you feel the purpose of Pagan Pride Day is?"
Well, witches weekly asked if I felt it was just a day to brag about being pagan, or if I felt there was something more behind the celebrations.
To be quite honest, unfortunately, many see it as a day to just brag about being pagan. Myself? I don't. I see a great opportunity to allow the world to get to know us better. To see how we work together as a community - as a family. I am actually going to attend a Pagan Pride Day Harvest Festival on the 20th of this month. I hope to come home with loads of information and reviews for you all and I hope to widen my small, but ever growing group of Pagan friends.
If anyone is confused about the purpose behind starting Pagan Pride check out the following website. Oodles of information at The Pagan Pride Project.

Stepping towards a different topic, as I've been laying in bed I have been listening to my man Pagan Podcasts. I've taken this opportunity to go back and listen to ones I've missed or go back and refresh myself on those I've listened too. The latest one I've been listening too is The Wigglian Way Pod
cast. I love listen to Sparrow and Mojo. They know how to make intelligent conversation very light hearted.

So if you are ever bored, or laying in bed quite like me. Check out some podcasts, they are intelligent and are excellent at killing time.


Wigglian said...

Thanks for showing us some love here on The Mystic Fae! Just so you know, Episode 38 of The Wigglian Way runs about 90 minutes, if you keep having troubles let me know and we'll try and figure out a way to get you the show......

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